Find time to unwind with any of our luxurious massage services. With our massages services, you can relive musscle pain, increase flexiblility, or simply relax during your sessions. You will be sure to walk away from your session in a state of bliss!

    Swedish Massage

    This light pressured full-body method soothes your muscles, improves circulation and quickly eliminates waste to create a complete state of relaxation.

    Deep-Tissue/Sports Massage

    This medium to deep-pressured method utilizes specialized techniques to relieve muscle soreness and deep-seated tension. a This massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and can relieve aches, pains, and soreness in tight or overused muscles. This method is ideal for chronic those with chronic muscle tension.

    Thai Massage

    This light to medium-pressured method offers a tremendous sense of peace and revitalization. This massage unites elements of Shiatsu and yoga, offering a unique interactive experience using light stretching and acupressure massage to revitalize the body as it relaxes muscle tension. Please dress in comfortable clothing.

    Pre-Natal Massage

    This massage is customized to address the special needs of pregnant women after the first trimester. Particular care is taken, leaving mom and baby in a total state of bliss. Please note: Expecting mothers must be past their first trimester; deep work is not administered during this massage.