Fitness & Sport

Reach your fitness goals and have fun in the process. Whether you are recovering from an injury, need a new routine, or preparing for one of life's many evets, our team of fitness professionals will utilize current scientific methods and techniques to help provide you with the opportunity to unlock your fitness potential. Explore your phyiscal freedom!


    This members’ only service is one that was created to help you stay on top of your goals, your overall health, and to identify any potential health risks. With RCPTriage we will update your blood pressure, body fat percentage, bodyweight, height and goal accomplishments.

    Personal Training

    We will work with you to select the trainer best suited to help you achieve success – whether it is one of our master trainers, skilled Sports Coaches or award-winning health coaches. Our educated and passionate Trainers will work with you to design a custom program to meet your needs, optimizing your investment in wellness.


    Swimming is an age old form of exercise dating back to recordngs in 2000 BC. Our talented swim instructors will teach you how to float, swim specific drills, proper techniques, and strokes to have you swimming like a fish in the water before you know it!

    Sport Specific Training

    Our elite sport specific trainers will help you get ready for any sport season. In utilizing cutting-edge tools and techniques you will be sure to improve upon your speed, reaction time, quickness, agility, and much more. Discover the athletic potential you never knew you had!