From its inception in 2009, RCPT Fitness & Wellness has dedicated itself to one formula for success: customer satisfaction and positve results, seamlessly delivered through flawless processes.

RCPT's misson is to provide our community with the highest quality service and integrate current scientific knowledge, through practical application, to enhance or maintain one's fitness, health, or quality of life.

Through RCPT's commitment to excellence, allows them to be more visible to the best service professionals. RCPT screens and tests the competencies and aptidues of each service professional, prior to hiring, to ensure the highest quality of service will be received.

RCPT manages services from the perspective that our customers want to improve their fitness, health and/or quality of life, without damaging their bottom line.

  • We let YOU do the talking!
      • Lisa S. comments

        "RCPT is amazing. They changed my life physically and mentally with weight loss, body conditioning, metabolic nutrition… I have and will continue to recommend them to friends, family and anyone! They are the best!!!
      • Adam P. comments

        " You are not given a diet plan to be on for X number of months. You are implementing a lifestyle change - and believe me, it's no where near as scary as it sounds! "
      • Zachary B. comments

        " The trainers at RCPT aren't ordinary personal trainers - they're mentors, allies and companions on your journey to a healthier, fittier and more productive self. There are lots of personal trainers in Philadelphia; many of them are well qualfied and will likely to help you see results. But if you are interested in not only changing your waist line but your entire lifestyle, RCPT is the only choice. "
      • Celeste P. comments

        " I recently found a dance class from RCPT. Being pretty uncoordinated myself, I wasn't sure I could keep up, but before I knew it, an hour had passed! His ability to teach is awesome!! The class was way more fun and burned a lot more calories than spending an hour on the treadmill."